The Island of Malta is a small island steeped in history and culture and one the things the Maltese like is their cars and boy there is some amount of them for a small island.During the week you could see a rare 2 door thunderbird going up St Julians,but its not till the weekend comes they all start coming out of the woodwork.The best thing is that there is a car show on every Sunday somewhere on the island and they don’t have to worry about the weather. Thanks to good friends of ours we caught up with Classic Ford Club Malta after a run they had finished and we were welcomed with open arms to view their beautifully restored Fords.One of lads had his mark 1 from new and he told me about the work he had done on it over the years. I was amazed the way we were brought back to café for a few soft drinks and appetizers while we compared notes on our Fords I really felt at home, that is without the rain. Thanks again to Donald Gouder for driving us to the show.
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